Pens Eye View Interview with Turk Tresize

Pens Eye View Interview. Turk Tresize recently sat with Richie Frieman at Pen’s Eye View to discuss ‘Soul Casino’, Touring, Elvis and life!

“Melbourne, Victoria, Australia native Turk Tresize is a rare gem from the land Down Under here on PEV – the singer/songwriter drawing inspiration from his time on his family farm back home for much of his music. It’s on that farm that Turk started to get that musical itch, an itch that eventually landed him on London’s historic music scene after fronting several local bands around Melbourne. After his time in the UK, he went back home and started recording in a milking shed on his family farm, now aptly called, “The Shed”.

His adventure  continued over here in the states, at The Bomb Shelter recording studio in East Nashville. It was there that Tresize’s latest record, Soul Casino (released on Turk’s label, Dairy Shed Records), was recorded and produced with absolutely no Pro Tools or Auto-Tune.

We asked Tresize to tell us all about Soul Casino – he said, “I would say it’s raw but still has a smooth dreaminess to it…expect to feel good after listening to it. There are a variety of sounds but they all fit together and seem to make their own style. The writing process for Soul Casino was a mish mash of life, turmoil and happiness. There was no real ‘process’ – just do it when you can. The writing was really just a love for music and experiences from life. I really don’t think I could put that process into words.” Check out more on Turk and Soul Casino at…right after you finish reading all the answers to the XXQs found below.”

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