More Soul Casino Reviews

Soul Casino is still picking up steam with a surge of radio airplay on FM and internet stations throughout the world. We’ll post a separate post about that, but we wanted to focus on the reviews the album is getting in this post. We’ve attached links to two new reviews along with links to some of the previous ones you may not have caught…

JP’s Music Blog

“The country mellowness of “Nice To Know” and the “laid back” acoustic sit-down appeal of “Miles ‘n’ Miles” shows diversity in his songwriting that only makes his music even more attractive” – Jim Pasinski

DC Rock Live

“Big and bluesy, soulful, ballsy an often with a delicate touch…” – David Hintz



Blues Rock Review

“Turk Tresize embodies such raw talent and an obvious love for what he does. While listening to Soul Casino, it feels as though one is slowly discovering such a respectable and enlightening musician and artist, just as he himself discovered his love and passion for music many years ago in his Australian homelands. Soul Casino is an admirable album, the songs embodying many of the qualities which make it so.” –Jill Jacobs

“The album itself speaks volumes, with waves of nostalgic memories from the heart of Turk Tresize’s mind, creating vivid images and evoking deep feelings inside the listener. It’s impossible to listen to this album and not revel in the power that radiates from inside it.  A debut this special should not go unnoticed.” – Ella Scott

Rock Review Phil

“Turk Tresize has such a believable way of delivering his music. You can hear it in his voice that he’s likely singing from experience. Even though influences are ever present in his song writing, he becomes the songs so well that you really do believe that he’s lived his songs. I don’t see why any fans of raspy voiced blues/country influenced rock wouldn’t enjoy Soul Casino.” -Phil Lisotti

Muddy Water Magazine

“Turk Tresize is a true artist working classical veins without ever sounding like a retread.  Buy “Soul Casino.” It answers the question of where real Rock n’ Roll,  blended with the bottle neck reverberations of the C&W stuff that mattered, went to hide: Australia.” – Kevin Harvey

The Equal Ground

“Tresize’s voice is a twilight cocktail of the last shot of happy hour and the first lover’s spat when you drive back home. He’s usually aggressive, but can tone it down no problem.” – Sean Dennison