Turk Tresize’s Miles ‘n’ Miles EP is now available for worldwide streaming and download. Worldwide music retailers include iTunes, Amazon and Google Play with more to follow. Worldwide streaming services include Spotify and Rdio with more to follow.

Miles ‘n’ Miles EP

Salt of the earth. It’s a term that truly captures the essence of Australian roots rock artist, Turk Tresize.

Turk Tresize hails from Cannons Creek, Victoria, Australia, where he grew up on his family’s farm. There Turk learned the value of a hard day’s work, embraced the land, and also watched as his family fought hard to keep what was theirs. During that time, Tresize began to develop his love for music, being exposed early to the sounds of heartland country while, later on, he discovered bands like AC/DC and Black Sabbath, tones that would lean heavily upon him as he soon would begin cultivating his own sound. And Turk has never been one to be fit into a mold, defying genres and expectations.

As the artist’s gifts on guitar and vocals progressed, he found himself joining up with a string of local bands, taking lead vocal duties, until he headed to London for a trip whose length extended longer than expected. He then joined a group of traveling journeymen for gigs in a band called Skippy’s Nightmare, which eventually saw many of the travelers returning to Melbourne, allowing the band to carry on for several years. More recently, Tresize built a recording studio in a milking shed on his farm, now aptly called, “The Shed.” Sound-proofed and ready to go, it allowed Turk the opportunity to really begin exploring his songwriting and to start laying down his own tracks. The result of those experiments has recently come to light with his debut EP, Miles ‘N’ Miles.

Written by Turk Tresize and produced by Andrija Tokic (Bomb Shelter – Nashville, Alabama Shakes) and himself, the EP boasts soundscapes that are southern rock-based with elements of rock, roots rock, blues, alternative country, and Americana tossed in for good measure. Here listeners are exposed to the whiskey-soaked vocals of Tresize while encountering his keen ear for composition as well. Those pleasantly raspy vocals complement organic arrangements that tell honest stories, buoyed by sparse production that lends the tracks even more authenticity. And even though Turk Tresize cites a plethora of musical and songwriting influences, ranging from Chris Cornell to Hank Williams, Jr., he avoids being pigeonholed; creating a sound that is pure ‘Turk.’

The title track is a great listen, eclectic percussion meeting acoustic guitar before Turk takes up the vocals, drawing strength from a small chorus of voices as well. It’s a deceptively simple sounding song that belies the artist’s strengths. Another highlight to be found on the EP is the driving “West On Train,” featuring guest-backing vocals from none other than the lead singer of the Alabama Shakes, Brittany Howard. Howard’s presesnce buoys Tresize’s growling chorus as a rocking guitars rage through the track, accented by bold kick and snare drums. It’s a great song that gives a warm look into this promising artist’s future.

And that future is a bright one, finding the artist harness his love for music and its ability to lift, heal, calm, and electrify, much like a vibrant gospel choir.

So, please, allow us to welcome you to the ‘Church of Turk.’ Services are about to begin.


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Release Date: August 6 2013