Add #1 to Soul Casino’s Resume | Turk Tresize Radio Accomplishments

2014 has been a great year for Melbourne roots rocker Turk Tresize. Not only has Turk’s debut album Soul Casino received positive recognition on numerous music blogs, magazines, and music sites around the world, but he can now add topping radio charts to the list of his accomplishments.

After the release of Soul Casino in Fall of 2013, Tresize toured the US on a 12-city promo tour gaining fans across the States. After his success throughout the U.S., Turk returned to his homeland of Cannons Creek, Victoria, Australia and continued to tour and promote Soul Casino. Around that same time radio DJ’s in the UK came along and took a liking to the album and started playing it on various stations and shows. Special thank you to Clive Rawlings and Dave Watkins for taking a chance and playing Turk on their radio shows before others jumped on board.

While the buzz of Soul Casino continued throughout the U.K., Turk decided to release his first radio single “Daddy Wazza Roller” to radio on May 11, 2014. Since the release, the single and album have charted on a variety of music charts all across the world and have crossed multiple genres. Soul Casino is now playing on radio stations in countries including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Denmark, Italy and Poland among others. Not only has his album been very well received but it has continued to climb the charts steadily.

Turk’s radio presence peaked the week of July 6th, 2014 when Soul Casino reached #1 on Roots Music Report’s for Australian Music. Turk and his camp based in Nashville, TN have done grassroots-style radio promotion and are more than excited and proud of the accomplishments and recognition Soul Casino has received.

Turk and his camp would like to thank all of the radio stations playing the music and sharing the love.

4/25/14- #12 on AirPlay Direct Top 50 Albums – Soul Casino

5/1/14- #10 Airplay Direct Top 50 AAA/Americana Albums- “Soul Casino”

5/19/14-  # 8 Play MPE Rock and Americana Top 20 Downloads – Single “ Daddy Wazza Roller”

5/20/14- Turk Tresize – Soul Casino accepted to Pandora – Click to listen to Turk Tresize Radio on Pandora

5/30/14 #7 Roots Music Report Top 50 Americana Country Charts- Single “Daddy Wazza Roller”

6/19/14 – #8 Roots Music Report Top 50 Australian Country- Single “ Daddy Wazza Roller”

6/27/14- #2 Roots Music Report Top 50 Australian Country- Single “ Daddy Wazza Roller

7/6/14- #1 Roots Music Report Top 50 Australian Albums